Do you know who’s watching you___ o_0 ??

Being a Korean, I consider my social security number as top private information because social security number is required in order for a Korean to create an account in any Korean online websites. It is not only the key to create, but also find lost passwords or ID in the future. I also believe that any types of card that goes into wallet contain private pieces of information; for example all of credit card numbers, cvs numbers, serial numbers of point cards can be considered private because they hold potential financial values, which belongs to an individual. Last but not least, all passwords and IDs are private pieces of information because they are the key to information or an authority which is signed to an individual.

If private information is freely given away through social media and reviewed by the government or corporations, private information can be violated the without a permission of its authorized individual. When every pieces of information is an asset, it puts the government and corporations on the upper hand to begin with. Also, personal information can be manipulated by other users and this may lead to corrupted and unfair society.


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