Aaron Swartz :: Simple Tragic of a Bright Man or a Twist?


Aaron Swartz was a bright young American teenager who was gifted in handling technology who established himself a singular force by connecting worlds of technology and activism. He was also involved in developing lots of new technology such as RSS and Reddit. Not only that, he successfully led a campaign to Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Overall, he was successful; a millionaire, a competent leader, and an outstanding man with gifted brightness in technology at such a young age.

However, not long after spread of his fame, he was found hanging in his Brooklyn apartment. Websites such as Rolling Stone describes that “he was killed because he was forced into playing a game he could not win.” Many publications have said that his death was due to MIT JSTOR instance and relentless stress and mental unstability. However, there is more into Aaron’s death than simply the MIT JSTOR instance; something far more complicated that gave Aaron no way out, but the choice of death. 

Any intellectual information is valid and therefore holds its value as asset, however if unnecessary sacrifices have to be made in order to enforce IP (Intellectual Property) law, the U.S IP law is not serving its purpose properly. Rather, it is creating a bloody fight over intellectual property rights between institutions, which the aftermath of the fight is most likely targetted toward students and faculty.

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