MOOC :: Sebastian Thrun

MOOC is a massive open online source (“What is mooc,” 2013). Through quick development of internet, learning online has become possible. This method of learning can be effective for a limited set of learners. I believe that all learnings require social interaction and a certain level of environment for learning. After all, most if not all, people are going to use what they have learned for the society and with the people of society. If there is no face-to-face interaction involved in learning, A person may not have the ability to communicate about academics even though he/she has the knowledge just because they lack experience in interacting with others. After all, humans are social animal and sitting alone at the computer learning is not going to help people socialize. Also, many students or learners may fail to set up the learning environment for themselves. Because there is zero or low presense of order and dictatorship, online learning users can easily get distracted and end up wasting time doing something else in front of computer.

When Sebastian Thrun found Udacity, he said “we have found the magic combination for online learning” and “in the future there will be only 10 universities.” After Udacity’s publish and run throughs in high educational facilities, he changed his mind and said “We were on the front pages of newspapers and magazines, and at the same time, I was realizing, we don’t educate people as others wished, or as I wished. We have a lousy product…It was a painful moment.” According to ELEARNSPACE, “he put his fate too early to Venture Capital funding” and now the company aims to make revenue and not for the innovation of their technology (gsiemens, 2013).

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