Illegal Downloading

There are tons of illegal downloading websites on the internet, Torrent being one of the most well-known of among them. The problem with web contents downloading sites such as Torrent is that they sometimes, or most of the times provide copyrighted contents for free or at an unreasonably low price. It seems everyone is gaining what they want except for one group, the providers, or the ones that have rights to the contents they have contributed in producing. Therefore illegal downloading is not a victimless crime; it has a victim, the producers. It ignores the right of the producers to claim their share for providing the contents they have produced. In simple terms, the producers are not receiving money for what they have created.

Illegal downloading is something people should stop, however it is not because illegal downloading is an act of stealing, but an act of copying. To be exact, there is slight difference between the two. If illegal downloading was considered stealing, it would make the producers of contents worse off. This is not an accurate description of what producers go through. Their work is not stolen, but copied to other users for less or no cost. This would grant lesser income for the producers than how much it would have been if their product wasn’t copied, but they will still gain for the contents they have created. Nevertheless, stealing or copying, I believe that illegal downloading is an immoral act.

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