, a Fresh Shock

1. As soon as I got into and logged in with my account, I was shocked with the amount of personal information and photos that have been mined. Digitalshadow took and analyzed all of my personal information and active status. More shockingly, my photos and postings are only visible to my friends, so it’s more shocking that a system of facebook that I trusted can be breached.

2. I am positive that there are more skilled and powerful personal data miners. If an website such as digitalshadow can be published to the public, the hidden technology can have much more potential than digitalshadow.

3. Through this exercise, I have become aware of weak or no online privacy condition. However, although I am aware of the risks, I will continue to use internet and live the way I have lived until I am harmed by this problem. Until then, the benefit gained seems to overwhelm the cost, so the use of internet is inevitable for me.



When I post pictures or photos online, I’m doing it for someone I know, not for anyone to research me. One very logical reason behind such statement is that I know I am not a famous person. Because I’m just an ordinary person who dwell inside the community, public would not care much about my opinion compared to a celebrity’s opinion. I’m making postings online just so that I can socialize and communicate wiith the people I know.

I believe wearable technology such as Google Glass is something that can increase crowdsourcing. Google Glass allows people to communicate whereever they are. This means that there is more opportunity for a communicative activity to take place. Unfortunately, there is a serious problem with surveillance for wearable technology such as Google Glass. If Google Glass gets used for unlawful purposes, it can be used for something similar to which happened in the movie “Dark Knight”, where they use phones’ sonic waves to create 3 dimensional images of the map and watch people. For these reasons, I believe wearable technologies such as Google Glass is more of a problem than a feature.